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About Veggie Vixen 09/12/2009

Hey there, I’m Michele. When I’m not blogging, working, or contemplating the universe, I’m cooking. I LOOOOVE to cook. It’s my therapy and lusty passion. I’m also a newlywed (speaking of lusty passions) and a messy, urban diva. 

My dishes are tasty and rustic. Feel free to make a mess out of your kitchen (like me) or clean as you go. I recently joined a farm share in Mass and am trying to feature locally grown, organic veggies where possible.

I think cooking is sexy. It’s satisfies a primal need, and a creative one as well.

Please  leave me a comment, and a link to your blog if you have one. 





It was passion that drove me here. let me share with you my love of home, food and family.

Ironic, I must say, that our mothers and grandmothers spent decades trying to break OUT of the Kitchen, . (And Now I am trying the BREAK IN!!!) 

Perhaps it is because it is my CHOICE that I love it. Mixing flavors and smells in my kitchen, often with the fire alarm trilling off (Really! It’s a small apartment!). Breaking Bread with someone I love….

I’d like to share some of the recipe’s I’m creating with YOU.  Being a Newlywed, I’m always out to try to impress myself with my newfound domesticity. It’s an urban, rustic kind of domesticity, and in the end I usually have made a mess everywhere. But to me it’s like being three again and making mudpies at the beach, it’s like sculpture, or painting with color and flavor.

 So enjoy. (I promise this will taste better than a mudpie!)

 This is the first of a series of Recipes (Therapies) I shall offer you. I will always test my invention first, and I won’t share it if it’s too complex or WEIRD. The theme for today is “In Season”. Imagine a fruit dripping ripely on the vine. It’s the middle of August so Berries and Bok Choy are at their height of flavor in New England. (Why a delicate Chinese green loves to grow in hearty New England soil I’ll never know!)

My husband and I just became members of a farm-coop called Enterprise Farms ( and they have joined forces with Metro Pedal Power to deliver the farm picked veggies fresh to your door –Via Tri-cycles (  Now lazy city folk like me can enjoy the abundance of the harvest via pick up —or delivery! 

Now I’m not a “crunchy” kinda career girl, but I have to tell you, when I first saw that succulent pint of blueberries, and those gorgeous greens I kinda broke out in a sweat.

 I’ve appropriately named this Series “Vixen in the Kitchen” (That’s you babe!)



5 Responses to “About Veggie Vixen”

  1. thinkoflaura Says:

    fun stuff!

  2. Shauna Says:

    What a neat idea for a blog! You have a fun writing style — or maybe it’s better to say a fun outlook that translates well through your writing.

  3. Shauna Says:

    p.s. I found you via your visit to my Flickr photostream. Since I enjoyed your pages here, I’m glad you happened across my photos and left a comment. Turnabout is not only fairplay but reaps cool finds!

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