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Vixen Drinks: Toe Curling Orgasm 09/13/2009

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Veggie Vixen Toe Curling Orgasm

This rum drink is delish! I created it in 2007 when I was still single. It’s great for parties, or a third date.

This is a layered drink. In the end you will have a nice rainbow in your glass…

Fill a 16 oz. tumbler with ice cubes

Add in this order:

3 oz cranberry juice

3 oz orange juice

2 oz spiced rum (like Capt Morgans)

1 oz coconut rum

2 oz mango or passionfruit nectar or pineapple juice ( ie something tropical and “toe curling”)

Stir gently

Garnish with lime wheel



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  1. Thanks a lot and I’ll subscribe to the blog so I can keep reading.

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